Ahrefs Review: Pros, Cons & Features in 2024

Ahrefs stands out as one of the most comprehensive SEO tools on the market. Standing out from key competitors, it collaborates with multiple search engines.

Also, if you can prove your website’s property, Ahrefs lets you make as many campaigns as you want for your SEO projects.to help you with your rankings.

However, it’s not without its drawbacks. A notable absence is a free trial, making it challenging for potential users to test its functionality before committing.

The pricing model, while robust, can be confusing for some users, and the reporting limits are less generous. Sadly, you can’t call them for help right away if you have issues.

But Ahrefs remains a powerful choice for those well-versed in SEO practices. It offers an array of features beyond its competitors.

The absence of a free trial and certain limitations may be factors to consider. its extensive capabilities make it a noteworthy option for users. They seek a comprehensive SEO solution.

Ahrefs does more than crawling the web. It has various tools for different things. For example, you can find keywords quickly.

You can also keep an eye on your SEO performance over time. Additionally, you can check where you stand in search results.

You can also study specific content topics. You can compare your website with others in your field. Ahrefs might not be the best at managing keywords or providing detailed SEO reports.

But it’s still worth considering. It keeps improving its interface, reporting, and keyword features.

Ahrefs is a useful tool for many types of people. These include freelancers, bloggers, SEO agencies, marketing agencies, small businesses, and online marketers.

Freelancers use Ahrefs to find the right keywords. They also use it to plan content and understand what the competition is doing. This way, freelancers can create more effective solutions based on data.

Bloggers use Ahrefs to find keywords and analyze their content. This helps them improve their content for search engines. It helps them keep up with trending topics and increase their visibility online.

SEO agencies rely on Ahrefs for ongoing monitoring and tracking positions. They also use it for comparing domains with competitors. These features help SEO agencies provide comprehensive services. They ensure their clients get better rankings and online success.

Marketing agencies use Ahrefs to create data-driven strategies. The tool has different functions. These range from keyword research to competitive analysis.

They help marketing agencies develop successful campaigns. They also track performance and stay competitive in the online world.

Small businesses use Ahrefs to build a strong online presence. It helps them understand the competition. They can optimize their website content.

They can keep track of how well they’re doing in search engine results. Ahrefs is crucial for small businesses. They use it to improve their visibility on the internet.

Online marketers enjoy Ahrefs’ complete toolkit for optimizing online strategies. It covers everything from tracking search result positions to analyzing competitors.

It also does keyword research. Ahrefs gives online marketers the information they need. It helps them improve and elevate their digital marketing efforts.

Why is Ahrefs superior to its competitors? It’s a valid question, but answering it can be challenging due to the multitude of aspects to consider.

Instead of opting for the conventional comparison tables, we’ve taken a unique approach. Let’s highlight some distinctive features exclusive to Ahrefs. Only they can do it.

Ahrefs’ Site Explorer provides a comprehensive and insightful analysis of any website or URL in the web.

offering valuable information across three major dimensions.

  • Organic traffic/ Paid traffic performance
  • Backlink profile
  • Website structure

With Ahrefs’ Site Explorer, you can basically spy on your competition’s website! It helps you check out their Search traffic their site and who’s linking to them.

This gives you a cool advantage to understand what’s going on with their online stuff. You can see what keywords they use to show up on Google and figure out which pages on their site are getting them traffic.

Additionally, users can assess the backlink profile, evaluating the quality and quantity of links pointing to competitors’ sites. Including the referring domains and their domain authority.

Ahrefs’ Site Explorer goes beyond organic search. It enables users to investigate paid traffic performance. They can uncover insights into competitors’ paid search advertising strategies. They can also see where their paid traffic goes.

Moreover, users can explore the website structure, gaining insights into the number of pages, organization, and internal linking structure.

Ahrefs equips users with the tools needed to conduct thorough research.

Detailed reports, such as Organic Keywords, Backlinks, and Paid Keywords, help users stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

Ahrefs’ Site Explorer is awesome. because it lets you look at historical date, see how things changed over time, and check out where a website’s links go. It’s like a super cool tool that gives you lots of useful info!

Keywords Explorer is your secret weapon for finding awesome keywords to use on your website! It’s a super cool tool that helps you discover tons of great keyword ideas and figure out how popular they are. You can see if it’s hard to rank for a keyword and how much traffic you can get from it.

This tool runs on a giant database with over 7 billion keywords, and it’s always updated with fresh data. You can use it for 171 countries, not just the U.S., and for 10 different search engines like YouTube, Amazon, Bing, and more.

It’s not just about finding keywords, but it also helps you see which ones are easy to rank for. There’s a special score called “Keyword Difficulty” that shows how tough it is to be on the top 10 search results. You can even filter and combine different factors to find the best keywords for you.

And guess what? It doesn’t stop there! You can check out advanced metrics like clicks, clicks per search, and % of paid clicks vs organic clicks. It also shows a cool thing called “Return Rate,” telling you if people keep searching for the same thing.

If you want to see what’s happening with your competition, Keywords Explorer has reports. The reports show you who’s ranking at the top. It includes their SEO metrics and ranking history. You can also check out if a keyword has traffic potential by looking at the SERP Overview report.

And don’t worry if you find a bunch of cool keywords – you can save them in lists for later. Keywords Explorer is like your own keyword treasure chest!

The Site Audit tool by Ahrefs is like a detective for your website. It helps you uncover and fix any issues that might be stopping it from ranking high on search engines.

To begin, input your website’s domain. The tool runs a thorough analysis and checks every page for SEO problems. It gives your website an overall health score, creates visual charts, and highlights all the SEO issues it finds. If your website is big, no worries – you can customize the speed settings and exclude or include specific sections.

site audit tools ahrefs

The tool checks for over 160 pre-defined SEO issues. They range from page speed and HTML tags to social tags, content quality, and location.

It groups these issues by type and provides printable reports with colored charts for easy understanding. If you want to go deeper, the Data Explorer feature lets you control over a hundred different data points on each page. You can create custom filters, add custom issues, and explore your data in any way you want.

site audit tools ahrefs

The tool integrates Ahrefs’ backlink and organic traffic metrics. This eliminates the need for cross-referencing data.

The Data Explorer also allows you to track your progress easily. It has cloud-based functionality. It also has automatic software updates and the ability to schedule regular crawls.

You can execute JavaScript while crawling. This ensures accurate analysis, especially for websites using frameworks like Angular or React. The tool even lets you crawl the mobile version of your website.

This helps you stay in line with Google’s mobile-first indexing. In a nutshell, Ahrefs’ Site Audit is like your website’s personal assistant. It makes sure your website is in top-notch shape for the online world.

Ahrefs is like a super cool tool for people who want to make their website’s content popular and successful.

Content Explorer is one part of it, and Ahrefs designed it specifically for marketers. With this tool, you can find the best content in your area of interest. You can also discover many websites that might want to link to your site. It’s like having a treasure map for great content ideas and link opportunities.

Every day, Content Explorer adds 10 million new pages to its big database, making it have more than 14.7 billion web pages in total.

ahrefs content explorer

You can use filters to check out things like how much traffic a page gets, its social shares, and even the language it’s in. It helps you understand how well a page is doing on the internet.

This tool is not just for checking out other websites; it’s also great for planning your own content strategy. You can check which topics are popular but don’t have many links, or discover websites where you can write articles as a guest.

The best part is that Content Explorer is flexible. You can mix and match filters to find all kinds of opportunities for your website.

For example, if you want to find topics that get lots of links, you can do that. Or, if you’re into link-building, you can search for websites that mention your brand but haven’t linked to you.

Ahrefs’ Rank Tracker is a user-friendly tool. It helps you track and analyze your website’s performance in search engines over time.

Track your website’s positions for specific keywords on Google’s search results pages. Track across 190 countries for both desktop and mobile devices.

Setting up a new project is simple. Input or import your keywords. Select many countries. Specify competitor URLs. Ahrefs then starts tracking data and provides regular updates on ranking changes.

The tool’s interactive graphs visually display SEO progress. They show Share of Voice (SOV), Average Position & Traffic, and Positions Distribution. Check the percentage of clicks from organic search landing on your website. Track your average position over time, and understand distribution across ranking segments.

One unique feature is monitoring your website’s presence in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) features. Ahrefs’ Rank Tracker provides data on 15 SERP features. These include featured snippets, local packs, and knowledge cards. Track owned and untracked SERP features.

rank tracker ahrefs tool

For better organization, Rank Tracker allows sorting keywords with filters, tags, and pages. Group keywords by tags. Visualize ranking progress and track pages ranking for specific keywords. Use suggested additions.

Integration with Google Search Console enhances analysis. It provides data on keyword rankings older than 16 months. This data includes anonymized clicks hidden by Google.

Competitor analysis is significant. This involves charting data against up to ten competitors. You compare Positions, Traffic, and SERP features.

Identify impacting competitors. Gain insights into competing page URLs. Discover their estimated search traffic and the keywords they rank for.

The tool provides advanced metrics for each tracked keyword. These metrics include CPC, estimated search volume, clicks, and return rate. They offer a deeper understanding of the keyword landscape.

To keep users informed, Rank Tracker sends scheduled email reports weekly and monthly. Reports detail changes in keyword rankings.

They highlight gained and lost SERP features. They present performance data based on user-defined tags. In summary, Ahrefs’ Rank Tracker is a comprehensive solution. It monitors and optimizes website rankings in search engine results.

Ahrefs is a top-notch SEO tool that stands out because it has many useful features. It is also great at showing real-time information about backlinks. It also shows how new links get noticed.

This helps people keep their websites healthy and competitive. Ahrefs is also really good at researching keywords. It looks at what people search for on different search engines around the world.

They even have a special metric to help users plan their content better by focusing on easier keywords. Ahrefs cares about a website’s health, finding and fixing things like broken links and slow pages through regular check-ups.

It’s also awesome for checking out what other websites are doing well and helping users make their websites better. Overall, Ahrefs is a top choice for SEO pros because it’s easy to use and has everything they need.

Ahrefs’ Lite plan, starting at $99 per month, is designed for small businesses and hobby projects, providing essential data to enhance online visibility.

With features such as the SEO Dashboard, Site Explorer, Keywords Explorer, and Site Audit, Lite offers foundational tools for individuals looking to optimize their online presence. Monthly and annual subscription options are available.

The Standard plan, beginning at $199 per month, is tailored for freelance SEOs and marketing consultants.

Building upon the Lite plan, it includes additional tools like Portfolios, Content Explorer, and extended capabilities in Site Explorer. This plan offers a comprehensive set of features to empower marketing professionals in optimizing and analyzing online content.

Priced at $399 per month, the Advanced plan caters to lean in-house marketing teams, providing more tools and data for a deeper analysis.

It extends the features of the Standard plan with tools like Looker Studio, Web Explorer, and AI Content Grader, offering enhanced capabilities for detailed marketing insights.

The Enterprise plan, starting at $999, is ideal for agencies and enterprises with unique needs. This plan is highly customizable, allowing users to tailor the toolset to fit their team’s requirements. It includes features like access management, audit logs, API access, and directory listing.

For pricing details, users are encouraged to engage directly with Ahrefs.

Ahrefs has become a trusted ally for marketers worldwide, providing valuable insights and tools to enhance search traffic.

Ahrefs offers plans for freelancers, marketing consultants, and in-house teams. They cater to diverse needs. Ahrefs also has plans for large enterprises. Robust data and analytics ensure support for your online strategy.

Ahrefs is a cool tool that helps people make their websites better for search engines. It’s easy to use, with a simple layout and clear buttons for things like checking keywords and exploring sites.

You can see important numbers like how strong a website is and how many other sites link to it. The tool also shows data in colorful charts, making it easier to understand.

If you ever get stuck, there are helpful hints to help you. and a friendly customer support team to assist you. Ahrefs is always getting better with updates. It is a user-friendly choice for anyone, even if you’re just starting to learn about SEO in 9th grade.

Ahrefs’ free plan is more comprehensive than Semrush’s. It lets you use it on unlimited websites. In contrast, Semrush limits its free plan to one website.

Ahrefs’ free version doesn’t need an account. Ahrefs’ entry-level paid plan is $300 less per year than Semrush. But, it lacks a free trial or money-back guarantee, which might be disappointing.

Ahrefs and Moz Pro are like two superheroes in the world of website optimization. Ahrefs is awesome at finding the best keywords and checking who’s linking to your site.

Moz Pro, on the other hand, is great at analyzing your website and figuring out the best words to use.

But, here’s the catch – some people say they’re a bit tricky to use, especially if you’re just starting out. Ahrefs might seem a bit confusing at first, and Moz Pro has a learning curve. Plus, they can be a bit expensive.

So, it’s like choosing between two cool gadgets – they both do cool stuff, but you need to pick the one that suits you best!

Ahrefs is a robust SEO tool suitable for organizations of all sizes aiming to boost website traffic. Despite its power, there are some drawbacks to consider:

  • The $99 plan has low limits and restrictions, making it less worthwhile.
  • Ahrefs lacks integration with Google Analytics or Search Console.
  • The ‘Domain Health’ tool, focusing on technical SEO, is currently unavailable.
  • Users may encounter no results in certain tool sections, and keyword suggestions lack a relevancy score.
  • Ahrefs lacks an outreach tool, and its web traffic stats are not as comprehensive as some alternatives.

As we wrap up our Ahrefs review, it’s clear that this SEO tool is a game-changer for digital marketers. Ahrefs stands out in a crowded market. It has an easy-to-use toolkit and a user-friendly interface. It is committed to delivering accurate, real-time data.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just dipping your toes into SEO, Ahrefs caters to all levels of expertise.

Ahrefs provides deep insights. They empower users to make informed decisions. Users can optimize strategies and stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

In conclusion, if you’re serious about boosting your online presence, Ahrefs is a must-have tool.

Its robust features and intuitive interface make it a valuable asset. It’s for anyone seeking to excel in the competitive world of digital marketing.

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